Monday, 10 June 2013

Topic Two: How to reference from a pdf document.

the pdf article can be found here:

It is essential for one to reference to ensure that you aren't coping another persons work. There are many places one is able to refernce from being a book, newspaper, internet ECT. All references must be visable at the end of your text. The Harvard referencing system is the most popular techniwue used to reference. Referencing is able to ensure that you have attained information from reliable sources. It is important to reference so that one is able to see that have acknowledged anothers work.

7.4 PDF document
Where a document is in PDF format, cite page numbers:
Citation examples
According to a H.M Treasury report (2009, p.16)…..
Reforming financial markets (H.M. Treasury, 2009, p.20) it is stated…
Reference list
H.M. Treasury (2009)
Reforming financial markets [online]. London: TSO, available: [accessed 25 January

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