Monday, 10 June 2013

Topic Four- E-commerce

This is the process of buying a product:

  • The customer places an order.
  • The order is made either via the phone or online.
  • The customer pays for the item(s) using a credit card.
  • The order is sent to the warehouse for distribution via shipping.
  • Then shipped to allocated destination and sent to the customer.

Topic Five: Positive online presence.

Social media is an important norm to many people's life in the modern days. It is vital that one ensures that they create a postive image when having these social medias not only for their own purpose but also when they are being unterviewd for a job, companies are able to investigate and find their canadiate through a social media. this way one is able to already have an existing positive image online of their social life therefore business owners get an idea of what image they would create for the business. a digital foot print explain that you do exist in some sort of way through social media.
your digital foot print now is able to create your first impression to someone. A digital foot print includes pictures, videos ECT.  your digital foot print is able to determine a lot being:
  • whether you will be hired for a job or not.
  • can lead to criminal charges.
  • school discipline.
This is how you can ensure positive online presence:
  • Ensure that you have a suitable name as your profile name.
  • Ensure that your pictures are legiable and give off a positive look as to who you are.
  • Ensure that you say something in the correct way.
  • Write positive reviews for future experiences.
  • Don't use profanity language.

Topic Three- how and why would need you need to back-up information.

How to backup?

To ensure backup, there is a process that one need follow. Ensure that you copy the data from the computer to ensure that original data is not lost. there are various backup possibilities:
  • Hard disk
  • Floppy disk
  • DVD, CD
  • Flash memory
  • Cloud backup
  • external hard drive.

Why would you backup?

Backing Up is a vital element to ensure that you are able to retrieve data if your comupter crashes. Backing up your computer is a timeless job if and when you computer fails. It saves you more time than restoring all your data by entering it again which is hard work and time. Backing up the data of your computer ensures that every single piece of information has not been lost. Data backup ensures that you are able to protect your data and keep it safe if something happens to your computer. Backing up your computer is able to be very quick and does not require a lot of work, this depends on the type of backing up system that you would choose.

Topic Two: How to reference from a pdf document.

the pdf article can be found here:

It is essential for one to reference to ensure that you aren't coping another persons work. There are many places one is able to refernce from being a book, newspaper, internet ECT. All references must be visable at the end of your text. The Harvard referencing system is the most popular techniwue used to reference. Referencing is able to ensure that you have attained information from reliable sources. It is important to reference so that one is able to see that have acknowledged anothers work.

7.4 PDF document
Where a document is in PDF format, cite page numbers:
Citation examples
According to a H.M Treasury report (2009, p.16)…..
Reforming financial markets (H.M. Treasury, 2009, p.20) it is stated…
Reference list
H.M. Treasury (2009)
Reforming financial markets [online]. London: TSO, available: [accessed 25 January

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Topic one-Different Learning possibilities using the internet

Topic One:

  • Youtube
  • Networking
  • Ebrary
  • Photo Editor
  • Screen Casting

  • Providing a link for feedback.
  • Provide a link to attain different languages.
  • A link for images.
  • Provide a simplied explaination.
  • A link for a RSS feed.